ACCION Academy Middle School    

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ACCION Academy School Administration

Dr. Victor Frias- Principal

As the Principal I strongly believe our children need to be exposed to rich, rewarding learning opportunities and at times be empowered to overcome challenging new experiences. In the last twenty-two years I have had the privilege to experience a number of milestones. These include teaching, grade adviser, department coordinator, Assistant Principal, Pupil Personnel services and currently celebrate my 6th year as school principal. This year I am joined by Assistant Principal Karen Henry and a highly effective staff at ACCION Academy.

Karen Henry- Assistant Principal

As the Assistant Principal of ACCION Academy, it is my sincere pleasure and honor to serve as a member of this great school community.  ACCION Academy has a rich history of academic and cultural excellence.  This is a result of the strong collaborations and partnerships between administrators, teachers, parents and community based organizations that provide a diversity of experiences for your children.   Along with the staff, I will work hard to continue the legacy of academic and cultural excellence established at ACCION Academy. It is my hope to continue to foster and build upon the highest quality of instruction through collaboration with the school leadership team, parent teacher association, staff and students. 

ACCION Academy Support Staff

Carmen Arrevelo- Guidance Counselor

Massiel Rodriguez- Parent Coordinator

Matthew Springer- School Dean / Physical Education Teacher

Wanda Araujo- Paraprofessional

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Alba Batista- School Secretary

ACCION Academy Teachers

Katherine Tesoro - English  

Dean Burgher- History Teacher

Christine Albert-Reid - Physical Education

Sarah Kim- ESL / History

Malcolm Robertson- English / S.S.

Hana Khan - Science  

Jeffrey Nichols- English Electives

Jennifer Ortiz- Math

Ms. Leuthner- Science / Math

Ms. Nelson- Social Studies / ELA